Saturday, October 31, 2009

it hurt neck was out just a little and it made my whole body hurt....
A couple of weeks ago Ron did a great throw and I met the mat sooner than I expected...the bell rang. I knew that I could take a good fall. I did bounce. Last Saturday, I was waiting for my balance to be taken. My nage got more tense. I felt that bad feeling of when you know it's more than a passing ouchie!
All week was touchie ...then I awoke with a severe headache and a cordy neck. Ron did a little
Kiaistu ...I could feel the pop. Later in the day Heidi, my Chiropractor Extraordinare completed the fix.
Off to the river to throw away my fears and then home to write about parental forgiveness....I really love the process. The physical pain is just my body showing me that the progress is upon me!

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